Disappointed: how Sharefile can be enterprise product?

In many reviews, sharefile is described as an enterprise level online storage solution.
But when we use it in real production environment, it brought a lots of issues. Maybe it’s working with small organization, but when there are over 1 million files and several terrabytes data, it’s nearlly not working.
It’s a disaster to update permission on big folder, it fails after some minutes or hour, and doesn’t give you any information.
You can never know what’s happening when moving folder.

And API, there are not enough documents about api, you have to guess and spend hours to verify a simple function.
In one word, sharefile is just like a beta software for small offices, it is big mistake , if large organization decide to use it.

CME/CUE You have entered an invalid phone number.

Running CME and CUE on a 3925 router.

Recently company phone number changed, to make extension number same as last digits of DID,  all phone’s extensions changed too, from 4 digits to 3 digits.

Then Auto attendant didn’t work, couldn’t reach extension from AA script with message “You have entered an invalid phone number.”.

Reason:    there was no user and user extension in CUE(not CME),

Solution:  after creating several users in CUE, it started to work again.